Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day Sixtyseven..New Year's Day

It's 2.40 pm on New Year's Day. Happy 2009 to all of you. I've done absolutely nothing.

I went back to bed around noonish for a nice long nap. I dreamed that I was at Applebee's with my aunt and uncle. They went ahead and sat down but made me wait in the waiting area saying they would come get me later. I was getting pissed off and walked over to the table to see wtf was up and Spandau Ballet from the 80's were on a small stage singing True. I was feeling so much pity for Spandau Ballet having to play at Applebee's that I forgot my own plight for a moment. Then my anger at my mean aunt and uncle returned and I told them I would just phone someone to come get me. My aunt started screaming...If you stayed off that phone you'd have more money!! Oh well..I woke up then..

Anyway, Hope you all are enjoying the last of the holidays. I go back to work in the morning. It's payday so hoorah but bah for work!



  1. can't even try to interpret your dream there.. Have you been eating cheese again? ;)

    yay for your payday, bah to work

  2. weird dream! I wish it was payday here too...I guess I have to wait 'til 12th.