Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day Ninetyfour...Twittering is Fun

It's 6.49 pm. So far I've made it through the day without napping. Amazing!

I'm really starting to enjoy Twitter. Jamie Oliver provided cooking tips tonight. David Tennant should Twitter. He could just ignore those he doesn't want to answer. Or maybe he does twitter but I don't know his twitter name..hmmmm...who knows..He could answer the questions that people seem to google and arrive here on my blog...What's David Tennant's favourite snack food? David Tennant Honey Nut Cheerios...David Tennant's feet...David Tennant skinny...David Tennant's house..and so on..I don't have the answers..I'm just a fan from Mississippi that knows nothing about nobody.

Rex and I haven't accomplished much today other than the few meanderings outside for his loo breaks. Lazy, rainy, twittery day.

Anyway, for you non-twitterers...join me now.


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