Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day Seventytwo...Good Morning Campers!

It's 10.14 am. It's pissing down cats and dogs here. I've just had a mexican breakfast burrito and my morning coke and now I'm ready to face the wet and grey day.

David Tennant back in Hamlet. From all reports he did a fine and dandy job. He leaped and bobbed and looked wonderful whilst doing it. Welcome back David! Pic above signing after the show. Bless him. He really loves that coat! Its a nice coat and he was rocking that scarf.

I believe I have mastered the new mobile. Well I've become competent with its functions. Hoorah! I did phone and hang up on Beate over in Norway a few times last night just playing with it. Anyway I am happy with it. I need to find more widgets and fun stuff to put on it.

I'll blog later...

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