Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day Ninetyfive...Dreams of Doom

It's 4.01 pm and my last day off work. At least I have my car back and am able to drive myself in the morning. It's been an all round lazy day again here in my part of the world. The rain has stopped and the sun has come back but its cold so bah!

Last night I dream't of black ravens swirling everywhere in the sky. At first it seemed the sky was just going black but then I realized what exactly it was. Why do I always dream of things in the sky? And in these dreams I'm always certain its the end of the world. Doom and gloom..woe is me! In this dream I was searching for somewhere to hide. Someone had left the back door open and Rex had run off barking at the Ravens. I was so upset that Rex was gone and so scared. Bah! Poor Rexy :(

Then all of a sudden I was in Wales at the Apartment Building known as Who Towers. I was driving around the building and realized I was on the right side of the road instead of the left. So I moved over very quickly although there was no traffic whatsoever. Also I was driving my old Toyota Camry I had years ago and was amazed that I had managed to ship it to the UK. I parked the car and noticed that David Tennant and some other people were lying on deck chairs on a patio type thing outside. David was covering himself with the Guardian newspaper and shivering..I asked if he was cold?? He said yes and I asked..Well why don't you go back inside? He said..The sun is shining and we like to catch every bit of sun we can get. So I opened the back door of my car and pulled out a blanket and gave to him. Then I woke up. Weird!

I seriously need to stop having these kind of dreams...Bah!

Anyway, It's been very quiet. Beate's internet is down and may be down for a week. Some dudes were digging something across the street from her flat and cut some wire or something. She is going into shock as I type. Withdrawals from the internet are not easy. I will text her of all the things she is missing on a semi-regular basis.

Well I'm off to Twitter....cyall later..


  1. think you've been having too much cheese again ;)

    My dream book doesnt say anything about ravens or any other birds.. but I suppose it's all about what the birds makes you feel. Could they represent your desire to go away/soar to see things from another position, or maybe a picture form of your state of mind?

    Good luck back at work

  2. wow, that's deep lisa! the birds make me they are bring death upon the no desire to go away or soar in that. bah! i just wanna hide!

  3. Guess it's just the cheese then! :p