Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day Eightyone...Disappearing Dots

It's 7.55 pm. Another 3 day weekend is coming to an end. Bah! I've noticed that the South America dots on my live feed map have disappeared. It's a mystery. Oh well!

It's supposed to get very very cold tonight. Down to -13 c. That is just ridiculous! I cant believe we are getting those sort of temps in the southern United States. I guess I'll have my shower tonight cause I know I won't want to do it at 5.30 in the morning.

I just finished preparing my taxes. I haven't filed them yet. I think they start accepting tomorrow. Anyway, I'm gonna get a decent return this year! Hoorah!

I dread tomorrow..Back to work...



  1. Yay for tax return! We don't get hours for months and months yet. Hope you have an ok day at work. Hugs

  2. I stole your south american dots... they're hidden in my guest bedroom.