Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day Ninetyfour...Drizzley Wizzley

It's 11.37 am. I've just come in from out and it's miserable out there. Rainy and cold just as expected after yesterdays spring like beautiful weather.

The cold temps don't seem to bother Rex at all. In fact they seem to invigorate him to maximum extremes. Which is bad for me. We visited every mud puddle and leaf pile in the wettest areas of the yard.

I will be traveling to Louisiana again next Tuesday. February 3rd is my mother's birthday and the 4th is mine. I'm ordering her a new pc because the one she has will not connect to the internet and is so outdated its practically powered by hamsters running in little wheels. I'm having it delivered to her house but of course I will have to set it up and show her how to use it. Happy Birthday Mom!


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