Friday, January 23, 2009

Day Eightynine...What a Wonderful World

It's 8.07 pm and I'm home. Back to work today and at least it was a slow day. My sup finally gave me a free hour and took over for me whilst I wandered the hallways and wallowed in nothingness for 60 minutes. It was great!

Spoke to a dude that sounded just like that Swing blade movie guy Billy Bob Thornton played today...Just do the voice in your head and you've got it...exactly. I have to wonder...Do stupid people realize they are stupid? I mean do they actually ever think..."I sound like a complete idiot." "I don't know anything."..Perhaps they are too stupid to realize they are stupid. Or as they say...ignorance is bliss...It just amazes me how some of these people manage to make it through life. I suppose they are happy.

Ulrica Jonnson won Celebrity Big Brother UK. How the heck did she manage that??? I wanted Terry Christian to win. Bah! Oh well. Not that it matters...

Well other than stopping at Sam's to get my elderly neighbor some Miralax when I got off work...then delivering it to them...that was my day in a nutshell...

Oh Joy!! Soon it's time for bed. I see no new Doctor spoilers so I suppose it will be quiet for the weekend.


PS: Honey Nut Cheerio Snack Mix Effing Rocks!! I'm really going to bed now...xx

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