Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day Two...Things I hate!

I just went into town. It's a two lane road, the speed limit is 55 mph until you get to the town itself...Why the hell do people drive like 25 mph here?? You can't pass, then they decide to turn off, which makes me happy..buttttttttttt they come to almost a complete stop and turn as slowly as possible. So there I am at a complete stop behind this plum as they creep off the road...Pisses me off..Bah! Some people do not need to drive...

We have a handy dandy drive thru shop in town...Which is great cause I don't have to get out of the car...Just drive up to the window and demand a coke...Only today I'm told they are out of coke, would I like a Dr. Pepper?? DOCTOR PEPPER!! How dare they!! So I had to drive to a normal shop, get out of the car, go inside and purchase a coke the old fashioned way. Bah!!!

The sun is shining yet its cold....I keep hearing a sound like thunder yet there is not a cloud in the sky...WTF is it???? Bah!!

The mean neighbors across the road have company and they keep slamming car doors...Bah! Bah!

I need to clean house BAH!

I'm getting old! BAH!

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