Monday, October 27, 2008

Day One vacation away from Directv

Today is day one of my five days off work and I have nothing better to do so I thought I'd start a blog. I took today and Friday off as vacation days and I have Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's off anyway. I was supposed to go to Florida to meet my friend Rena from the UK but the money situation isn't looking too good at the moment and I had to cancel.

Anyway.....For the past few months I've had an odd fascination with actor David Tennant. The more I find out about this man the more I like and respect him. It appears he works continuously. Theatre, Doctor Who, Charities, and on and on. I have looked relentlessly for any sign that he is not perfect and cannot find it. Does he have any flaws? I'm sure he does, we all do.

A few weeks ago I sent a short note expressing my odd new fascination to him and asked for an autograph. 10 days later a autograph arrives in my mailbox. He looks about 12 in the pic he sent but that does not matter. It made my day. I wrote to celebrities when I was a kid and never received a reply or an autograph. I didn't expect one this time. It was such a shock. Then I find out he does this for just about anyone and everyone that asks. Where does he find the time? I felt just a wee bit guilty for asking for one after reading all that he does. God Bless David Tennant..

I will blog more in a bit. Check back in a few hours......

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