Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day Three...All the World's a Stage

...and I'm surprised people aren't asking for refunds on my personal tragedy/comedy..

It's 6:04 am and I look quite lovely. My eyes are squinched up and full of sleep. My hair is going in about 500 different directions. I have on a t shirt, a long sleeve t shirt and a sweater on top of that, baggy track bottoms and my mismatched socks. Hoorah for singledom! I'm so f@#king sexy.

When I first wake up I find it hard to navigate myself through doors. I've banged my shoulder twice on the door frame to the bathroom this morning. Once entering and once leaving. It's always the right shoulder so obviously I lean to the right when trying to maneuver. Pesky doors!! Who needs them! I need an open plan studio type home.

Right now I'm waiting for Rex to scratch on the door announcing his return from his morning bathroom break. I keep an eye on him through the window. He seems to be sniffing something with great enthusiasm at the moment. Carry on Rex..

Now where was I? Oh yesss, life! What a cruel joke someone played on me. I used to have fun. I did indeed. Back in act 2 scene somethingoranother of my life. Now I work, I come home, I eat, I sleep, I run into door frames. No murder attempts, no thoughts of suicide, no romance. I'm having none of that! Caffeine is my drug of choice. I absolutely love it! If anyone could possibly overdose on caffeine it will be me. My obituary will read..She was alert until the end! My last words would be a request for a coca-cola.

Rex wants back in and I'm going to lie down for a bit longer..Good Morning Wednesday October 29th 2008. Bah!


  1. You should try and lean more to the left next time you need to navigate :P

  2. indeed i should but my body doesn't allow that sort of nonsense and 6am or earlier.