Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day Four...There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

It's 7:09 am and its not as cold this morning or either I'm getting used to it. Must be getting used to it cause I just looked at the temp outside and it's 34 F so that's 1 c!!! and people think it's always warm in the South. You silly plums..Come to Mississippi in the winter and be shocked. We have a wet dismal type of cold. No pretty snow, just icky nasty ice.

I'm still a wee bit gutted over the Doctor Who thing but I'll get over it. We have 4 episodes with David to enjoy yet to come. Don't know how I'll react when he regenerates but I won't think about it. Probably a few tears but...Thinking only makes it worse and gives me a headache and I'm not inclined to overuse my brain.

Some people think I don't care because I have a good way of acting as if I'm not bothered. I always try to find the humour in any situation, even the bad. I think it's my way of coping.

I'm on day 4 of my 5 day vacation and day 4 of this blog. Exciting! Tomorrow is my last day off..bah! On Saturday morning I'll be back to the rude American's who love tv more than life itself. Twats! Saturday will be college football crazy people. Sunday will be Professional football weirdos. In between it will be husbands alone at home while their wives work and they'll want to order porn and can't figure out how to do it with their remote. If another sicko breathes in my ear while I'm ordering channel 591 for them I may just scream. And if you're gay and you want the new gay channel just say you want the gay channel don't make me guess at what you want and make me read the channel line up to you. You know what you want! Just say it! Either way when you say..give me that one..I'm gonna know you're ordering the gay channel..Like I care! Sheesh! and then don't hang up on me cause you know I figured out you want the gay channel.

I'm starting to ramble here so I'll leave it for now.
Happy Thursday!


  1. at least you're not in Norway!!

    Last night i had to scrape my cars windshields when I was leaving my brothers place.

  2. there was ice on my windshield both yesterday and this morning. i just let my car run until i melted off yesterday but i havent gone anywhere today yet so its melted on its own.

  3. Terrible stuff... it's ice on the windshields here as well.