Monday, October 27, 2008

About Me

Just to let you know that this blog will not be just for David Tennant stuff. It's my blog so I will be blogging personal stuff as well.

I don't guess I introduced myself. I'm Julia...I live in a small town called Aberdeen, MS.. which is about 30 miles south of Tupelo, MS.. That's Elvis Presley's Birthplace. I have a dog named Rex shown above. awwww... I work in Tupelo for Directv which is America's main satellite tv company. I do technical support and it sux but it's a job.

Through this job I have learnt that Americans are probably the laziest, rudest people in the world. If you ask them to touch anything other than their remote control they freak out, swear at you, and threaten to cancel their service. Like I f##king care!!! Think about it people....I do not care!!

If you have directv and you have what is called the protection it!! You are not getting a service call without troubleshooting at no charge...I have to follow the guidelines set to me by my job. Not that I agree with it all but these calls are monitored and I get in trouble if I do not try to resolve the issue over the phone before setting up a service call. You lazy people don't want to try. 8 out of 10 times if you would just follow directions your tv would come right back on...

When did tv become so important anyway?...It's not a matter of life or death. A lady the other day didn't want to troubleshoot, called me a b@t@h, and asked if I was gonna pay for all the movies she would have to rent to keep her kids occupied over the weekend...Of course I apologize and offer to give her a credit..but what I really wanted to say was...Get up off your fat arse, take your kids to a park, play with them, read to them, do something you lazy woman!!!

America sux :(

David content: It's 2.12pm here so 8:12pm in the UK. He's on stage. yay!

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