Monday, October 27, 2008

Day One ...Dream Continued

Instead of a Tardis we ended up in a car. I screamed for shotgun but of course I ended up in the backseat with David driving and blonde bimbo riding shotgun. Why is it always the blonde bimbos that get their way?
Anyway, we were going down a narrow road as if something were chasing us..I was in dire need to pee. I started whinging wanting David to pull the car over at a shop or something so I could pee. He tells me nothing is open. We pass several shops and they are all open so I get mad that he wont stop. I lie on the backseat in a fetal position. The pain is becoming unbearable. We come to a fork in the road and I scream...DON'T TURN LEFT!!..David turns left anyway..We come to a dead end...I jump out of the car and fall into a hole..Inside the hole is a door but I'm thinking..No one on the road can see me in this hole...I'm gonna pee...David is getting out of the car now..I tell him to either turn around or watch me pee...I cant stand the pain any longer so I drop my trousers and the force so strong that it splatters on David's left trouser leg. He looks at me disgusted and I apologize and swear I will scrub his trousers clean...Then I wake up and I really do have to pee..This time I make it to the toilet.

Take note this is just a dream....I would never actually pee in front of someone in real

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