Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day Two...End of the Day

It's 9.23 pm Tuesday night. It's cold again, the heatings on and I have on mismatched socks. One I guess is called a crew sock and one is an ankle sock. I haven't worn socks in months but my toes were cold and it's all I could find. At least my toes are warm now. I guess I'll have to sort through the socks and do some washing and match them up. It's that time of year. Bidding farewell to my trusty crocs flip flops...Oh dear! Now I have to tie shoelaces. :(

I'm looking for a new coat. I'm torn between an LL Bean one or a North Face one. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. All I have are sweaters and an old jacket that has Foamex(the hellhole I worked at for 9 years and then laid me off to hire new management's friends) on it, so I don't want to wear that. I refuse to be cold this year.

I'm about to wrap up in the duvet, turn off all the lights, and watch a dvd until I fall asleep.

Blog more tomorrow...
Peace Out....

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