Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's That Time of Year

American Football season will start this Sunday and where I work it's the dreaded time of year. The good thing is it mean more work, more money and me getting out of debt. The bad thing is less twittering and less time with my Rexy.

I really hate football. Big, grunty men running into each other. Just isn't my idea of a good time. The American public seem to love it fact worship it. You have not been cussed out until you are cussed out by a football fan who cant get his or her favorite teams game on tv that day and it's all my fault. I so look forward to it. So anyone reading this who has the NFL Sunday Ticket....please read the fine print...SUBJECT TO BLACKOUTS!! This means that if the game is in your area and it DID NOT sell out then the game is blacked out in your area. You will not get the game. I can not hit a magic button and get it on your tv for you. I realize that you pay a lot of money for it but I can not control it. I am sooooooo sorry. End of..

Other than that I am surviving. I ate a roast beef sandwich yesterday which made me happy. I love roast beef sandwiches. I trimmed the weeds around the side of my home. I helped elderly people hook up their converter box so they could get more than one channel on their tv. I hung out with my neighbors. I twittered. Good day overall. Today I may actually clean my car if I get the energy.

Hopefully nothing will implode and make life go all wrong...It's 9/9/9 so I'm kinda expecting something to go wrong..

What's David Tennant doing? I have no idea.

Peace, Love, and extra cute chubby bunny rabbits to you all.

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