Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day Ninetyeight...Super Bowl Sunday

It's 9.12 pm and I have no idea who has won the super bowl or even if it's over. I could care less. I had to deal with several irate men today trying to get in the game in HD etc.. Thank God I get off work at 5.30 pm and did not have to deal with the majority of it as the game was just starting about that time.

Tomorrow is my Friday and I get to leave at 3.00 pm. I've got pre-approved e-top. Leaving Tuesday morning for Louisiana to set up my mom's new pc and get everything running correctly. I'll be back on Thursday then I have Friday off as a vacation day. Hoorah!

We are having a silly contest at work. I don't even know what we win. Anyway, Each team has to decorate their work area and dress up blah blah blah...The theme is The Wizard of Oz. How fun..bah! Sooooo Guess who the team has decided has to dress up as the Cowardly Lion??? Yes, that's right...Me...Bah!! So I spoke to my mom earlier today and she will be making me a lion's tail and ears, mane and all that liony stuff. Imagine my embarassment driving to work on Friday the 13th..the day of the judging...Will try to get pics to share my shame...or perhaps not..

Going to bed now..xx


  1. haha sounds great.. and on friday the to top it off.... You simply MUST post a pic!!!!

    Have fun with your parents, and happy birthday in advance!!


  2. gotta take pics, julia!!