Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 117..One More Day of the Neverending Week

It's 8.15pm. I have one more day to complete in my horrendous 5 day work week. We have new team members and the girl next to me is not friendly at all. Bah! In fact she is miserable. At least I say Bah! and I do laugh. My friend Jackie is on the other side of mean girl and she keeps shooting us evil looks if we talk around her. She must be destroyed. We cannot have Ms. Grumpy Pants separating our laughter. I really feel sorry for her. It must be awful to never smile or never laugh and never speak to your co-workers unless its a cutting remark or to go tattle. Bah! Jackie is off tomorrow so I guess I will be stuck with misery guts alone. Her name is Chiquita..Yes Chiquita! Like the banana. Haha...

Well I cant think of anything else...BTW..My dear friend Lisa..If you read this while I'm working tomorrow...Break out your boogie shoes and do your infamous Sacred Hamster Dance for me once more. I need to leave early once again.


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