Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 111....Musical Chairs

It's 8.49 pm. I'm a bit sleepy but not going to bed just yet. Today is Monday but is my Friday. 8 hour shifts instead of 10 started today and we had to move to another part of the building. Bah! Too much change. I only have two days off now. Tomorrow and Wednesday.

Anyway today I had to sit across from Charles Manson Jr.. If he would have sat down I wouldn't have had to see him but he is one of those people who like to stand up so I had a clear view of the scruffy beard, wild eyes, weird hair and general oddness up close. All that was missing was a tattooed swastika across his forehead. The mix of people that work in my building never ceases to amaze and entertain me. I'm missing my previous collection of gay men and women sat around me. At least they were fun and made me laugh. Now, I'm just a tad bit scared. I'm in the psycho ward now. One guy has these clear see through things in his ear lobes and it horrifies me! See pic above for exact example. Perhaps it will be better on Thursday when the rest of my team will join me.

Anywho...I'll blog more later. I'm safe safe at home..Ahhhhh..


  1. I don't like changes either... at least not when it happens fast and without any warning. Hope you will settle in OK :) See ya later!

  2. eeek.. that's downright freaky

    Hope it'll t

  3. sorry, pc's all mental.

    What i was trying to say, was hope it'll get better for you over your weekend