Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 105....Loads of Nothingness

It's 8.59 pm. It's been a dull day. Slept a lot. Bone's aching...wishing the weather would do something to ease the pain in my joints that I destroyed as a child.

I'm currently listening to Lily Allen's latest album. It's not half bad. Yoko Ono is sending Peace on Twitter with lots of i ii iii's. I suppose that's some sort of Yoko code...Gotta love Yoko.

Well I'm off to overdose on Tylenol and see if there is anything interesting lurking around.



  1. bad things about david tennant - these are defiantly probably true!

    1 - he collects inside leg measurements.
    2 - he stores kippers in his string vest.
    3 - he wears incontinence pants, as he hates to waste his sweat.
    4 - he cant say the letter K but substitutes the letter C for it.
    5 - he has 3 pairs of shoes, only 2 fit though.


  2. haha..thanks for that..it made my day..:)