Saturday, August 28, 2010

What Will Be Will Be

Got called for an interview with AT&T for Monday. First call back I've had in awhile. Hopefully I will pass whatever tests they put me through and get a job. Lord knows I need one. This doing nothing lark is killing me!

The lovely fabulous Syd Curry cut my hair Friday. I am grateful to him and the good people of Aberdeen who I've recently met. It's nice knowing there are good decent people around here. Perhaps if I hadn't shut myself away like a recluse for so long I would have found that out. Depression sux but I'm trying.

Other than that I know nothing.

As for the David Tennant part of this blog...

David Tennant is still in New Mexico filming Fright Night. Someone spotted him at California Pizza Kitchen...#thatisall

1 comment:

  1. That great news! Fingers crossed that you'll get the job.

    A pic of your new hairdo is in order, you've talked about getting a haircut from him forever, it must be good!