Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Happened Again..

How crazy is this?..Yesterday I received a memo saying I got a 15 cent raise. All was successful on my 6 month review...Then today after lunch I get the sack. I'm told that I received too many scripting alerts in a short span of time. What an utter crock of s^^t. The first scripting alert I knew of was brought to my attention last Saturday during a weekly coaching. It was more or less stated that I skipped one step and wasn't a big deal. Basically a slap on the wrist. The other 3 god only knows where they came from. No warning. No discussion about the problem. Just pack and leave.

I really thought more of my boss. I know they are all sh^ting themselves up there. Everyone is afraid of losing their jobs but not to back your employee up and say..Hey, We haven't discussed this in the powers that be.. is totally unacceptable.

Just a word for people out there. When you phone in for help with it a service call or a replacement. That claim counts against the agent you are speaking with and leads to termination. Please take the time to try to fix the problem over the phone and don't give that agent a hard time.

I can honestly say I did the best job I could. I tried to be fair and to treat people with respect and do what was right. It got me nowhere.

Now, I have no idea what I will do. Jobs are far and few between here. I haven't the courage to tell my mother. This will break her heart. I'm at a loss.

I am so thankful for my wonderful twitter friends. They have all been so supportive.

The world is a cruel cruel place and I've got a feeling its about to become a terrible place for me.

Keep me in your thoughts

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